Older Animals Need Extra Special Care

Canine Flu 101: Understanding The Signs, Treatment Options, And Preventative Measures

As a dog parent, you probably already understand the importance of feeding, grooming, training, and basic healthcare. While you may give your dog heartworm medication and flea and tick treatments, protecting your dog from other sicknesses is also important. Considering canine influenza is a highly contagious infection of the respiratory system caused by two different influenza strains, understanding this dangerous illness is smart for dog owners. With this guide and your veterinarian's assistance, you will understand the signs of canine flu and learn how to treat your dog's illness. Read More 

Live In The Woods? Make Sure You Protect Your Dog Against Lyme Disease

Living in the woods definitely has its benefits. You get to enjoy the feeling of being in nature day in and day out, and your dog gets to roam among the shaded trees and babbling streams. But while the woods are beautiful, they also harbor a very small, yet powerful threat: ticks. Black-legged deer ticks, in particular, pose a specific threat to your dog because they can spread Lyme disease.  Read More 

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Older Animals Need Extra Special Care

I have always been an animal-lover, and while my family had cats when I was growing up, after I graduated from college and had my own place, I adopted my first dog. I did a lot of research on dog care before adopting him to help make sure I care for him properly and continue to research pet health tips to this day. Now that he has reached his "golden years," I realize that is is more important than ever to monitor his health. I take him to the veterinarian every year for a wellness check-up and give him a couple of health supplements. I am proud to say that he is in amazing health for his age! I want to help others learn how to care for their pets well, especially senior dogs and cats, so I decided to start a blog to share my pet care tips on!


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