Older Animals Need Extra Special Care

3 Great Ways To Protect Your Dog From Ticks This Summer

Summertime is when ticks seem to be the most prevalent and abundant, which means that summertime is the time of year when you most need to be wary of ticks on your pets. Here are a few ticks that can help you protect your pets from ticks this summer.

#1 Cut Your Grass

Ticks like to hang out in tall vegetation, which means that you need to stay on top of cutting your grass. Don't let your grass grow nice and long in your yard. When you do this, you are creating the perfect environment for ticks to thrive and grow, right in your own yard.

That means that you should also use the weed whacker on the edges of your property to keep down any weeds that may want to grow in out of the way places. Anywhere where the vegetation is thick is a great place for ticks to hang out. Maintaining your yard will help keep ticks away from your property and help reduce your pet's chance of encountering ticks while in your own backyard.

#2 Treat Your Lawn

Just cutting your lawn is not enough however. You should also treat your lawn as well. There are different types of treatment that can be put on the edge of your lawn to keep ticks from migrating from the natural environment onto your lawn. These tick treatments can be applied around the edges of your grass, your fence line, around trees and shrubs in your yard and around any wood piles. This will help keep ticks away from these areas as well.

Be sure to read the treatment tips, as you may need to keep your pets away from your lawn for a specific number of hours or days after you apply the treatment in order for it to work effectively and not harm your pets.

#3 Treat Your Pets

You also need to treat you pets as well. Talk to your vet about what products will work best on your pet. There are generally collars as well as topical treatments that can be applied to your pet's skin. Keep in mind though that most tick treatments are designed for specific types of pets, so you can't use the same tick treatment on your cat that you use on your dog. Even different breads of cats and dogs may need specific tick treatment, so make sure that you get this product from your vet. For more information, contact companies like 1st Pet Veterinary Centers.

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Older Animals Need Extra Special Care

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